Majoring in Geographic Information Science, I’m a junior in some univ located in Mainland China. I intend to make this blog as the index through my career and my life. And some codes of GIS projects based on C#ArcObjects and iObjects will be released in the posts. So the blog is multilingual which means it has contents in English, C# and 中文。

Everyone should defend freedom as Core Socialist Values emphasizes it in our society, and as the mayor of CITY I will protect the freedom of every resident in INDEX CITY. But the freedom is based on laws. Not any kind of things could exceed the law, even the so-called liberty. Since some posts will open discussion, please notice yourself with the regulation of INDEX CITY before posting your reply.

  • Ads without permission are NOT allowed.
  • Child pornography is completely forbidden.
  • Personal abuse would get a temporary ban.

At last, I wish you would have a nice day in reality.